Bride’s Family:

Mom and Dad:  Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me.  I can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your guidance and patience throughout the years.  Even though I don’t say it too often, thank you for everything.  My parents are awesome…I really look up to the two of them to be an example to me.  I hope that one day when I become a parent, I can do half as good a job as my parents have done.  I love you Mom & Dad!

Groom’s Family

Mom: I want to tell the whole world about a friend of mine, this little light of mine. Thank you mom for taking care of me when I couldn’t, and putting up with me when I could. I know I can be a project to handle sometimes, so thank you for being there through times good and bad. Love you mom!

Matron of honor:

Melody Aquino:  Melody is my only sister.  She is my bestest friend :)  Even though I didn’t like her very much when we were younger, I am happy to call her my best friend and my partner in crime.  Our wedding wouldn’t be complete without having my sister by my side.


Cynthia Veluz:  Cynthia is my oldest friend, who I’ve known since I was born (yes, since I was born).  33 years later and way too many memories between the two of us, Cyn and I are still close friends and I’m happy that Cyn will be a part of my big day.

Stephanie Ng:  Steph is one of my oldest friends.  We became friends after their family moved to South Jersey the year after my family moved.  We didn’t like each other at first (I still remember when Steph, Marchesa, and Freddie locked me in the attic at church) but we became close as the years went by (it helps that there were no other kids in the area yet).

Marchesa Ababa:  Marchesa is the younger sister of Steph.  We go way back…even attending college together and getting our first apartment together.  So many first experiences and memories with this girl…I’m so glad that she will be one of the girls standing with me during the big day.  Marchesa is also the one who designed this webpage…so thank you!

Best man:

Dave Yau:  Once upon a time, I was in an interest group ready to start a fraternity at Rutgers University. As the group was formed, i was introduced to a bunch of existing members with the same goal. One of these members was a fellow named David Yau who had bleached bangs that was longer than the rest of his hair, resembling yellow antennas. If he had not been admitted to Rutgers, I would have thought of him as a Fukinese gangster spending his days squatting underneath the Manhattan Bridge. Since then, we have pledged together, served on National Board together, and overall gotten closer without the aid of World of Warcraft (though he has a mean streak in CounterStrike as TreeHugger!). He now has a cush job at Dell and lives in Austin, but the Fukinese spirit lives on in Jersey. He is also my best man, and now has the tall task of topping my introduction with his speech.

Groom’s Men:
Ed Fong:  Ed and I go way back to high school, to the JP Stevens days. However, we did not really get to know each other til our Lambda days in college at Rutgers. A voracious World of Warcraft player, Ed is now a loud and proud employee of Zynga, who most readers would better know as the creators of Farmville and “EVERYTHING with Friends”. Ed has proven to be a great friend and pledge brother, except when you need a ride to the airport. Then he just sleeps in.

Jonathan Silero: The fish that you see is not just any ordinary fish. And the person who caught the fish is not just any ordinary man. Rather, it is Jonathan Silerio, the most interesting Filipino pledge brother that crossed as a part of the charter class in Spring 2001 from Rutgers in the world. As one of my pledge brothers, I have gotten to know him over my college years. He may also be the only other New Jersey Nets fan that I know in existence (the other being myself). He is also one half the odd couple, the other half being Christopher (mentioned above). If Chris did not already have a girlfriend, most would suspect that their living arrangement would be one of a cohabitation manner, as his parents have suspected, but this actually is not the case. It’s just that he doesn’t always live with room mates, but when he does, he just prefers the company of man. Stay thirsty, my friend.

Ring Bearer: Jonah Aquino

Flower Girls: Isabella Alcaras, Sienna Ng, Zienne Ababa

Primary Sponsors: to give us guidance throughout our marriage

Joseph Reyes & Grace Lee

Jose Pangilinan & Violeta Pangilinan

Agapito Makalintal & Imelda Makalintal

Wilfredo Vidal & Freda Vidal

Romeo Avila & Conception Avila

Toribio Fabila & Ruth Fabila

Secondary Sponsors:

To light our path:  Dennis Liu & Sarena Banas

To clothe us as one:  Raphael Aquino & Leila Rabanillo

To bind us together:  George Chaung & Michelle Dizon

Wedding Officiant:

Rev. Domingo S. Guevarra Jr.