0We’d LOVE to hear from our friends and family, so please feel free to leave us a message on this guestbook.

  • Maybe some advice?
  • Memories?
  • Questions?
  • Hoots & Hollers?

We’ll leave all the fun up to you, so be creative.  Who knows, we might even feature the best ones up on our blog. We’re looking forward to reading all your posts!


16 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Yayy:) I love your website!! It’s awesome:) Great job Marchy and Perze!! I’m so happy for you two and I can’t wait for your big day!! Looking forward to the updates on you guys!!!!

  2. Congrats Etch and Danny!

    How great to see your wedding plans come into fruition via website, knowing all the hard work you guys are undertaking for the grand occasion. We’re waiting eagerly for it, excited to see you both take your vows in front of your loved ones. The best things are certainly worth the wait…we love you both and always wish you the very best. Enjoy the engagement; even more things to come after the wedding :) !

  3. YO!!! Congratulations Pledge Bro!
    Just received your magnet invite. its really cool, i like the idea.
    i’m really happy for you and i love your website too.

    But i dun think i could come to your wedding cos mine will be on October 27th in China.
    October 7th in Singapore and December 30th in Taipei. I would also have lots to plan for.
    Well, it will be my pleasure if you (and the rest of our class) could attend my FOB style wedding!

  4. Danny, thank you for the creativity and kind words in our profiles. Hopefully we can reciprocate during the many upcoming festivities prior to and during your wedding.

    Seriously though, Congratulations you two!

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