After the Wedding…

It has been a long time coming, but a great big thank you to all who attended our festivities on October 21, 2012. A extra shootout to those that took time out of their weekend to be a part of our bridal party and ceremony. Hope everyone enjoyed the line dancing, apologies if I wasn’t the one leading. :b


It has been over 3 weeks into our journey of marriage, and everything has been going well. Life has resumed to business as usual, or as close to usual as possible after the effects of hurricane Sandy. hope everyone made out okay through the storm. however a by product of extensive wedding planning is the post mortem wedding withdrawal that a certain someone is now experiencing. *ahem* I guess that is the case with any bride that has to plan out a wedding.


We have also been going through some extensive house cleaning now that both of our possessions now have to share the same space. That is probably the biggest adjustment that we have had thus far.


Speaking of house cleaning, we also still have some frames leftover that were used as the table numbers at our wedding. Probably due to the fact that the flower vases were not for grabs, guests assumed the same went for the numbers. That is actually not the case, so if there was a picture that you enjoyed, please let me know and we can arrange to get it out to you. The ones remaining are listed below, let us know if anyone wants one!

You Can’t Dance (aka the non-Filipino’s primer for line dancing)

“You wanna come to my party?
I wouldn’t give you a chance.
You tried to take breakdance lessons,
ended up in an ambulance.”

     – LL Cool J “You Can’t Dance”

How’s it going my fellow readers, hope the week has went well! As promised from the last post, for my non-Filipino brethren, you may be alarmed to sudden see the dance floor swarmed with many eager participants of line dancing. To avoid looking like a novice, do not fret. I have supplied my eager readers with a quick primer on the possible line dances that you will see at our wedding, along with videos. Now  nobody has an excuse to look like a total n00b on the dance floor! Here we go:

Line dances:

Electric slide:

I didn’t even know this song had a video, so I had to share. The mother of all line dances, if you cannot get this step down, please do not proceed to the other videos until you get this one down. If line dancing had a foundational move, it would be the electric slide. Don’t be that guy that is 4 steps behind and bumping into everyone!

Cupid Shuffle:

A variation of the electric slide, if you can get the first dance down, you should be okay here.

Cha Cha Slide:

This version of the song is likely going to be different from the one that you will hear. This one is easy. If you cannot follow along with the video, literally just listen to the guy’s instructions in the song. It’s that easy (warning: you are on your own with learning how to cha cha!).

Todo Todo Todo

Stepping up the line dance game is Todo Todo Todo. Once again I did not know that there was a video to this… but that does not really help anyone since Daniela Romo does not perform the line dance for us, so here is an instructor to help. The dances are starting to get tricky now, so pay attention!

Maybe I’ll request this one as a trick question
Larusso – On Ne S’aimera plus jamais

I don’t even know how to do this… but the video makes me want to sing the Fame theme as an accompanyment to this clip! (in case you were wondering, “On Ne S’aimera plus jamais” translates to “Is Love Forever”.)

The actual dance can be found below:

I have no clue who they are, but that is probably the clearest footage I could find that you can follow along with. Actually I don’t really know this one either, so we can all look like fools on the dance floor if this one gets played!

That’s all for now. Promise the next post won’t be as media intensive (unless you like this kind of stuff). Til next time!

Thinking Like A Man… Part Deux

“Ayo Bo knows this (what?)
and Bo knows that (what?)
But Bo don’t know jack,
cause Bo can’t rap “

      — A Tribe Called Quest “Scenario”

For my fellow male readers for this blog (do they exist?), and are thinking of tying the knot soon, fear not, I have some recommended reading for the situation. As wedding planning can get hectic at times, it never hurts to have a point of reference to refer to when there may be questions that need answers. Granted the bride handles the bulk of the planning, but there may be some details that you could potentialy overlook (this goes for the bridge too!) You are probably thinking that Google can probably answer 95% of your questions these days, but hey I’m an old school kind of guy that just likes to have a physical book to flip through.

So below is Danny Lee’s “For the Prospective Groom Recommended reading”:

The Groom’s Instruction Manual:

This is the main guide that I have went through for the planning portion from the groom. This comprehensive book will cover everything from the engagement phase to the planning all the way to the wedding, and then your honeymoon to top it off. Some of the gems that you can expect to find from this book:
If She says No, please do NOT:
- key her car with the engagement ring
- toss the engagement ring into a dark murky body of water (just like they do in the movies!)
- call her mother or father to complain

You will also better understand your role as a groom in the section “Understanding your role in the Wedding” with useful tidbits such as:
- You are a minority stakeholder in your wedding
- Your fiance is always right
- What has my fiance done with the woman I love?

There is also a musical Cheat sheet (flip to page 118) that is a good reference point for all of those famous wedding songs that you just could not identify. To all my Filipino readers, yes the electric slide is covered for your line dancing needs. On that note, expect to line dance at the wedding, so step your game up and load up the Youtube tutorials! Hmm, that sounds like a new post…

Plus it comes with hilarious illustrations to go along with the information (I admit, I may have judged this book by the cover). Either way, it is highly informative, and makes the wedding planning process a bit less brain wrecking than it needs to be.

I also recommend the below as a quick no frills guide to the wedding:

I would consider this the more pocket handbook reference guide, for no frills information without the accompanying pictures. If you prefer the straight no chaser information with no fluff, you may want to pick this one up.

That’s it for now. Til the next post!

Thinking Like A Man

“Ah the sun is shining brighter cause you really make my day
Yeah, you really make my day, oh, oh, oh
Yea, I think I like her cause she really makes my day
Yeah, she really makes my day, oh, oh, oh”

            — Common f. Cee Lo – Make My Day


Hi everyone, so It looks like its time to share my perspective of wedding planning for this blog! I hope that you, the reader, will find the different perspectives intriguing, precise, and just right. :b

I will start off with some of the pieces I will be working on for the wedding, meant to be as bonus favors for the guests. Each one will be unique, meant to tell a story about us and the stages of wedding of planning (the good, the bad, the exhausting). Hope you enjoy the preview, and Im open to ideas and suggestions, as this is still an ongoing project! Enjoy!