After the Wedding…

It has been a long time coming, but a great big thank you to all who attended our festivities on October 21, 2012. A extra shootout to those that took time out of their weekend to be a part of our bridal party and ceremony. Hope everyone enjoyed the line dancing, apologies if I wasn’t the one leading. :b


It has been over 3 weeks into our journey of marriage, and everything has been going well. Life has resumed to business as usual, or as close to usual as possible after the effects of hurricane Sandy. hope everyone made out okay through the storm. however a by product of extensive wedding planning is the post mortem wedding withdrawal that a certain someone is now experiencing. *ahem* I guess that is the case with any bride that has to plan out a wedding.


We have also been going through some extensive house cleaning now that both of our possessions now have to share the same space. That is probably the biggest adjustment that we have had thus far.


Speaking of house cleaning, we also still have some frames leftover that were used as the table numbers at our wedding. Probably due to the fact that the flower vases were not for grabs, guests assumed the same went for the numbers. That is actually not the case, so if there was a picture that you enjoyed, please let me know and we can arrange to get it out to you. The ones remaining are listed below, let us know if anyone wants one!

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