84 days…

Time is flying by so fast, we have just a under 3 months before the wedding.  Things are coming along so far so good.  We ordered out invitations last week, hopefully they will be done within the next week and will be sent out by the second week of August.  We went to see a few florists, and I think we found the one we’re going to use.  We have one more appointment tomorrow, then we will make our decision.  I got my wedding shoes this week!!  Still waiting in the mail for them (I got two pairs >_< )… hopefully they fit well and are comfortable….but who am I kidding.  Even if they’re not comfortable, I’ll still wear them.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few websites that have helped me along the way with the planning, to give me ideas for the wedding.

Weddingbee- I am currently obsessed with this website.  There is a forum where people can discuss anything wedding related (and not wedding related) – I love forums.  They also have a great DIY section for anyone adventurous enough to DIY their wedding things.  There is a classifieds section where people sell their wedding supplies after they’ve used them for the weddings.  They even have wedding dresses there!

Pinterest - For those of you who have not caught the Pinterest bug, try it out…it’s so addicting.  This has been a great way for me to organize wedding ideas that I’ve seen online.  I gave my bridesmaids access to my board so that they can “pin” things that they think would be good for the wedding to the board.  It’s also great for finding ideas and websites that other brides have found – they have a section just for weddings.

Etsy - Can I just tell you how much I love this website, not only for the millions of wedding items they sell on here, but for pretty much anything you can think of.  If you know me at all, you know that I having things that are different (that no one else has), and Etsy is the perfect place to find these things.  They have everything from invitations, to wedding gowns, to veils, to jewelry (I love their jewelry).  And I love the idea of supporting artists who aren’t mainstream.

Ruffled - I came across this website on Pinterest.  What I really like about this website is that it reminds me of my favorite store, Anthropologie.  A lot of their posts feature vintagey style weddings.  They also have a DIY section, along with a real weddings section (where you can get ideas from other people’s weddings), photo galleries, and a recycle your wedding section, where people sell their used stuff.

As you can probably tell, all I ever do these days is look online for anything wedding related.  So many things to help a bride out…what did people do when internet didn’t exist?  =D  Til next time… thanks for reading!

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