105 days…

Hi everyone!  A little update on the wedding plans for those of you who follow our blog.  *Whew*  Time is flying by and we only have 105 days left until the wedding.  Things are coming along well.  Actually, we haven’t really done anything in the last few months because we (actually, it was just me) were so OCD about finding and booking vendors back in January.  As we get closer to our date, I’m getting more and more nervous.  Not about the wedding itself, but just getting all of the payments together, the weather (since our ceremony will be outside), and just fixing up all the little details.  The only major things we have left to do are look for a florist and order invitations.  Not too bad, but we really have to get on the ball with looking for a florist.

One exciting thing that recently happened – my dress finally came in last week!!  I ordered it in February and it came in last Thursday.  So excited to see my dress since the dress I tried on at the salon was about a size too big on me.  The bridal salon won’t let me have a fitting until August, so I have to be a little more patient and wait.

Anyway until next time… :)  Thanks again for visiting our blog!

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