Thinking Like A Man

“Ah the sun is shining brighter cause you really make my day
Yeah, you really make my day, oh, oh, oh
Yea, I think I like her cause she really makes my day
Yeah, she really makes my day, oh, oh, oh”

            — Common f. Cee Lo – Make My Day


Hi everyone, so It looks like its time to share my perspective of wedding planning for this blog! I hope that you, the reader, will find the different perspectives intriguing, precise, and just right. :b

I will start off with some of the pieces I will be working on for the wedding, meant to be as bonus favors for the guests. Each one will be unique, meant to tell a story about us and the stages of wedding of planning (the good, the bad, the exhausting). Hope you enjoy the preview, and Im open to ideas and suggestions, as this is still an ongoing project! Enjoy!

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