We are thisclose to booking our honeymoon :D  Last week, Danny and I went to Liberty Travel to inquire about a honeymoon to Riviera Maya.  The lady who was helping us ok.  She gave us a brochure and a few prices to some hotels that looked interesting in the brochure.  We decided to continue looking at other travel agencies before we made our final decision.  Since I broke my toe last weekend (don’t ask), I am unable to work until I can wear a regular shoe, so I had the weekend off again.  We were able to look into another travel agency yesterday.  The next one we visited was a few doors down from a restaurant that I frequent in Metuchen.  The store was already closed but the owner was still there and saw us at the door.  He was nice enough to let us in and to see us even though the store was closed.  He seemed very knowledgeable and gave us two resorts off the top of his head when we told him we were interested in Riviera Maya.  He showed us the websites and pictures of those resorts.  We left his travel agency feeling better than we had after we left the first place.  I am just waiting to go to one more travel agency before we make our final decision.  I’m so excited that we’re going to Riviera Maya for our honeymoon.


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