Sad week…

This past week has been a very sad week for my family.  My cousin’s husband passed away at the age of 62,  leaving behind his wife and their two boys – Ned and Neil.  My heart is so heavy for my cousin and their kids.  It was so hard to watch the family in so much sorrow at the funeral yesterday.  It happened suddenly…we just saw him last month at Jonah’s dedication and he looked good, despite his health problems.  But I guess when God calls you home, it really is your time.

Kuya Boy was supposed to be one of our sponsors for the wedding.  I don’t really know if I want to find a replacement for him…would it be ok to just have Ned or Neil walk down the aisle with their mom in place of their father?

Sigh…RIP Kuya Boy.

One thought on “Sad week…

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